Turning off the Spigot on Vuze

I used  to use Vuze (sorry, reading that out loud just sounded like a tongue twister) to network my mac laptop media to my TV. It was kind of cool being able to get a video to play on my tv without connecting any cables, but the first draw back was that my tv (Samsung) couldn’t pause the video (seems like a HUGE oversight there).

Anyway, I just downloaded an update to Vuze and suddenly I see that Yahoo is my search engine on all my browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox), and there is a stupid Amazon and eBay button (provided by Spigot) on the browser tool bars too. I checked some online forums and found plenty of other folks in the same predicament.

I’m uninstalling Vuze and will never use it again. I will also avoid Yahoo and Ebay like the plague. Amazon… shoot, I love Amazon, so for now I’ll try to get in touch and let them know that Vuze and Spigot are messing with people’s browsers and tarnishing their brand in the process.

So weird that this happened right after I listened to Seth Godin talk about Permission Marketing.

2 thoughts on “Turning off the Spigot on Vuze

  1. Did a little more research and found out that the generic term for software like this is DLNA Media Server. The one I settled on is called PS3 Media Server. I like that (unlike the other apps I’ve tried), it’s free and isn’t riddled with mal-ware.

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