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For a while there all my requests to google were going to various pages at microsoft. Yipes. Smelled like a nasty virus. Didn’t expect to see anything like that on my MAC! All browsers behaved the same. I opened my hosts file. Nothing odd there. After reading the hosts file it stopped doing it.

Very strange.

UPDATE 2012-12

OK so this problem just keeps getting weirder and more annoying. Every few days I get the dreaded red screen of warning from chrome saying that even though I requested google, the response if from Skype (or Microsoft, or Apple). After some more research (on BING, which seems to work fine whenever I have this problem), I decided my computer (a MacBookPro) must be having DNS cache problems. The internet then offers NUMEROUS commands to flush the cache (each command is particular to whatever version of OSX you’re running, so that’s annoying), and finally I put these various commands into a script on the desktop which I run anytime I see weird DNS-ish behavior. Well this just stopped working the last few times I’ve tried it. Then I ran across an odd bit of advice on a forum, http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1411365 which said to turn the MTU setting down to 1300.

…and it worked.

…for now.

Stay tuned.