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Stop saying that Linq To SQL has no future!!!

Every so often I run into an article like this: http://reddevnews.com/Articles/2009/01/01/Is-LINQ-to-SQL-Dead.aspx?Page=3&p=1

…or I’ll hear a colleague complain or wonder out loud about the future of Linq to Sql.

First. Can we agree that LINQ (not specifically LINQ To SQL, but the Language Integrated Query feature built into .net) will be around a loooooong time (more than a decade)? I, for one, have been using LINQ, and its related features, Extension Methods and Lambda Expressions, all over the place. Not just for querying databases, but any type of collection or object graph or even a page full of web controls (for example, try it next time when you need to get a collection of checked checkboxes). Nothing has had a bigger impact on my code. Loops evaporate and in their place is simple code with clear intent.

Ok, can we agree that SQLServer will be around a loooooong time? Hundreds of Microsoft products may come and go, but SQLServer will remain.

Great. That settles it! Long live LINQ. Long live SQLServer. So long live LINQ To SQL!!!!

If you’re one of those thinking. “our team just invested so much in LINQ To SQL and now we need to stop because we don’t know if it has future.” Please STOP EXPOSING THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT LINQ TO SQL IS!! (By the way, when you say “Invested”, what do you mean? You guys dragged and dropped a table on to a canvas. Was that really so hard?).

Next point.

What makes a platform or framework or tool compelling?

If you answered features, vendor support, price, buz, marketing, or any of that rot, please reconsider. I think the key factor is Community. As long as there is a passionate base of happy coders, with happy customers, there will be LINQ to SQL.

Now get back to work!!