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UPDATE – Chrome has been updated to screen-cast without having to follow these steps below. Also, you may find that your settings don’t look like the settings below. Such is life with continuously updating software (it’s a GOOD thing).


If you have a smart TV hooked up to the internet, chances are there’s a YouTube app installed. It’s cool until you have to enter a keyword search or do any kind of browsing that is awkward and error-prone on a TV remote. The YouTube app on my Samsung TV addresses this problem beautifully by providing a screen that allows you to “Pair” your TV with a “Mobile Device” (See How-To video). I have an iPhone, and this worked OK, but more often than not I’ll be sitting on the couch with my laptop on my knee (you thought I was gonna say “lap” didn’t you), wishing it was ‘pair-able’ with my TV’s YouTube somehow. Problem is, if you try to go to on your laptop, they simply don’t allow you to pair up with your TV. Rats.

(Side note… ultimately, what I REALLY want is wireless screen sharing with my TV, or a seamless solution that makes my computer treat my smart TV like a second monitor, but so far, there does not appear to be such a thing without investing in additional hardware or using a direct HDMI cable connection. Side-side note: it’s fairly easy to share media files with your smart TV wirelessly by running a DLNA Media Server on your computer).

So back to pairing a laptop with YouTube on TV…

Open Chrome on your computer, then open the Developer tool bar.


When the Developer tools pane shows up, click on the little gear in the lower right hand corner:


The Settings pane will pop up, and you can click “Overrides” and check “User Agent”, setting the User Agent menu to something like “Android … Galaxy…” or some mobile device.


Now when you navigate your browser to, they will allow you to enter the code to pair your ‘device’ to your TV.

Once the laptop and TV are paired, click the TV icon (located in the upper right corner of the YouTube page in your laptop’s browser) to indicate that you want video to now play on the TV:


26 thoughts on “Pair your laptop with YouTube

  1. Great! I never liked control YT by PS3 or mobile, this is just great solution :) Thanks a lot!

  2. thanks now i can search with my comptuter and wach playlists! (lol i sound like one of those people from the shoping channel lol)

  3. thanks! i can pair it to the tv , but how do i actually get the videos to play on the tv? like where is the option to, please help

    1. Toby, I wish I knew why the video isn’t playing on your TV. If you have the setup described above, and you go through the pairing process described above, the videos should automatically be playing on your TV.

      1. Well… there is an icon in the upper right side of the YouTube screen in the browser which indicates that you want video to play on the TV or the laptop screen. I’ll add that to the instructions above.

  4. This is a great solution … I do not understand why google does not add this feature. Also, do not even understand why someone has not created an extension for Google Chrome … That would be a great idea :) I’ll think about it.

  5. Hi,
    I did all the steps mentioned above, but still i am not getting and when I go to the same settings again the check boxes are unchecked again. any idea whats going on?

  6. I was trying for this quite some time, its really awesome. Thanks
    Have you got any solution to display the laptop screen to tv without any H/W?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. So far, I haven’t found a software-only solution. But Chromecast is cheap and I like it a lot. It still doesn’t allow general screen share, but it lets me show my browser, which is fairly useful. Hope that helps.

  7. I have tried this… but when I pair using URL : on laptop, it doesn’t ask me for the code and show some info page. I think google has changed it and its available only for phone or tablet.. sign.. :(

  8. Aayushi, I was able to get it to work today. I used iPhone iOS 6 in Chrome Dev Tools, so maybe that was the difference?

  9. Seems youtube saw the stupidity of not allowing pc’s to pair so they fixed it. I just browsed to with my laptop, entered the code and was ready to go. Thanks anyway for your article ;-)

  10. If you have an Xbox 360, you would be able to play the videos on your laptop on the TV the Xbox is connected to if you’re both using the same WiFi network

  11. First time share was simple, but must I re-enter a code each and every time I try to pair up? My laptop shows my TV as an active pair at, but I can’t figure out how to pair w.o./re-entering. Thanks.

    1. Same here, just got new smart TV entered the code at on my laptop,everything was working fine,but when came back next day to watch another video the TV icon in youtube wasn’t there, so do we need enter the code each time?!?

  12. My computer starts playing on tv without all that procedure, but it took about 5 minutes before tv starts playing from comp.

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