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Consciousness Betrayed

(Based on ideas in The Tools by Stutz and Michels, Denial of Death by Becker, and dozens of others who draw upon the psychodynamic ideas of Freud, Jung, and Rank)

All disorders are the mind sabotaging the host in the interest of survival.

The threat against your existence, and the threat of suffering, and the threat of meaninglessness, and the threat of alone-ness, and the threat of the loss of autonomy, and the threat of loss generally (loss of life, consciousness, title, status, loving companions, friends, opportunity, freedom, health, wellbeing, happiness). The threats of losing all these things creates, for the mind, a problem to be solved. A task it picks up, and can only release and abandon when given sufficient insurance that the problem is either already solved, or unsolvable. In either case, the idea that the problem is unsolvable or already solved is a lie designed to achieve exoneration. In exchange for this lie, the mind desires peace, and again, exoneration. These are all the disorders. The opposite approach is continued work, continued discovery, continued creativity, continued courage. Meaning, freedom, status, connection, wellbeing are only obtainable within this forward motion of courage and work. Even mere “being” has this property of forward motion through releasing the anchors of thinking, worrying, regretting.

So instead of likening a disorder to a disease, it should be likened to a relationship. You don’t have a diseased mind, you have a dysfunctional relationship with your mind. Your mind is NOT you… it has become like a parent who thinks it knows better than you. Or your mind has become a woman scorned bent on sabotaging you… ruining you for all others in favor of her alone. Or it is a neglected and abused child, hurt and resentful of your abandonment. But society has not rejected you… YOU have collaborated with society to reject your own mind… to subjugate it for your own narrow reasons. Little did you realize that your conscious mind is dwarfed by your unconscious mind. The conscious mind only has the advantage of being the last stop your unconscious mind has on its way to expressing itself into the universe. You have a chance of stopping anything undesirable from escaping into your body (your mouth, your eyes, your hands) and touching the external environment (and other creatures). But ultimately, this gateway is weak, and will not stand long against the force of the unconscious.

So what is the solution? Stop colluding with society against your essential self, your unconscious, …what Jung called, your ‘shadow’. Stop telling it you hate it. Stop forcing it out into the hallway when you go into high stakes meeting rooms with “the grown ups” of your world. Bring it everywhere you go, and introduce it proudly. Remind it that you need it, you want it, and you will no longer betray, abandon, neglect or abuse it. With any luck. Your unconscious mind may one day trust you again enough to bring its creativity and brilliance back into your life’s experience.