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Committed to finding new words

You keep a commitment because…

  • you have already invested a considerable sacrifice to it
  • it is part of your larger belief system
  • there is no alternative, or you are unaware of an alternative, or you disparage what might be an alternative (Downing, 2005, p. 227)

Commitment begins when no reasons are found to support it. The more reasons you find against that to which you’re committed, the stronger you prove your commitment to be (p. 231).

You can rewrite this whole message replacing the word commitment with faith.

Conclusion: Faith is made strongest by the worst ideas.

Do you have faith? Or is it more accurate to say you have good evidence for what you believe and good reasons for why you do what you do?

Maybe you should find a better word than faith. Any suggestions?




Downing, L. L. (2005). A cusp catastrophe model of cult conversions,
in D.O. O’Leary and G.S. McGhee (Eds.), War in Heaven, Heaven on
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