Monthly Archives: February 2013

Turning off the Spigot on Vuze

I used ┬áto use Vuze (sorry, reading that out loud just sounded like a tongue twister) to network my mac laptop media to my TV. It was kind of cool being able to get a video to play on my tv without connecting any cables, but the first draw back was that my tv (Samsung) couldn’t pause the video (seems like a HUGE oversight there).

Anyway, I just downloaded an update to Vuze and suddenly I see that Yahoo is my search engine on all my browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox), and there is a stupid Amazon and eBay button (provided by Spigot) on the browser tool bars too. I checked some online forums and found plenty of other folks in the same predicament.

I’m uninstalling Vuze and will never use it again. I will also avoid Yahoo and Ebay like the plague. Amazon… shoot, I love Amazon, so for now I’ll try to get in touch and let them know that Vuze and Spigot are messing with people’s browsers and tarnishing their brand in the┬áprocess.

So weird that this happened right after I listened to Seth Godin talk about Permission Marketing.