Monthly Archives: January 2009

Blueprint CSS for SharePoint

I like using Blueprint CSS, available at, but it clashes a bit with some of SharePoint’s css settings, especially since SharePoint uses a lot of tables for layout and Blueprint’s table settings are generously padded and 100% wide (makes your SharePoint page look like it blew apart!).

But If you create another stylesheet with some overrides, and reference it after Blueprint’s, you can fix most of these problems. As I discover more of these fixes, I’ll add them here.

/*override Blueprint css table settings for SharePoint */
table {margin-bottom:0;}
th, td, caption {padding:0px 0px 0px 0px;},,
.ms-consoleminiframe table,
.ms-globalbreadcrumb table,
.ms-bannerContainer table,
#MSOWebPart_Header table